Warranty Information:

DiamondBack UTV accessories come with a 3 year warranty which covers both the manufacture and parts. If any part of your DiamondBack UTV accessory is defective within three years of purchase, DiamondBack will repair or replace the part.

The products themselves are made of aluminum with stainless steel exterior hardware. Even after 5-10 years, the only things that may need repaired are small replaceable parts meaning your DiamondBack UTV accessory will outlast the UTV you put them on.


DiamondBack Automotive Accessories Incorporated
Limited Warranty


This LIMITED WARRANTY, made by DiamondBack Automotive Accessories Incorporated, is issued to the original retail purchaser of any DiamondBack Automotive Accessories Inc. product. Warranty is not valid unless registered with DiamondBack Automotive Accessories Incorporated by the original retail purchaser.

DiamondBack Automotive Accessories Inc. hereby warrants that our products will be without defect in material or manufacture for a period of (3) years after the original retail purchase date. This warranty covers gas springs, locks and locking mechanisms, weather seal, trim, and cleats.

DiamondBack Automotive Accessories warrants all accessories in Rugged Black to be without defect in adhesion for a period of (3) years following the original retail purchase of the UTV accessory. This warranty does not apply to coatings damaged by abrasion due to loading or unloading materials on the accessories, such as the cargo box cover.

DiamondBack Automotive Accessories, Inc. hereby warrants that our products will be without structural and manufacturing defects for a period of (3) years following the original retail purchase. This (3) year warranty covers only the structural components and does not include any parts or materials used in the workings of the cover. This warranty does not apply if structural damage is caused by over-loading the cargo box cover beyond either the load capacity specified by DiamondBack, or the load capacity of the UTV with which the DiamondBack product is used.

If the purchaser discovers that a DiamondBack Automotive Accessories Inc. product is defective in material or manufacture within the period of (3) years of purchase or is structurally defective in manufacture within a period of (3) years, that person shall contact DiamondBack Automotive Accessories, Inc. and a representative of the company will inspect the product. If a material or manufacturing defect is determined to exist, DiamondBack Automotive Accessories, Inc. shall exercise its option to either repair or replace the defective part(s). Rugged Black adhesion repair will be provided by DiamondBack or the closest available LINE-X or Bullet Liner dealer.

Rugged Black scratch or damage repairs are the responsibility of the customer and can be serviced at any authorized spray-on polyurea elastomer bedliner location.

This Warranty shall be considered void if the product is shown to have been abnormally used, misused, improperly maintained, or altered in any way by anyone other than DiamondBack Automotive Accessories, Inc. This warranty does not cover damaged material or structure due to accident or misuse of the DiamondBack product. DiamondBack makes no claims or warranties whatsoever as to a particular vehicle’s ability to support accessories without incurring damage. See UTV manufacturer’s specifications for mounted accessories.

This Warranty is the only warranty applicable to the purchase of a DiamondBack Automotive Accessories, Inc. product. DiamondBack Automotive Accessories, Inc. hereby disclaims any and all other warranties, express or implied, including the implied warranty of fitness for a specific use. Diamondback Automotive Accessories, Inc. is not liable for any damages incurred, whether incidental or consequential, due to a breach of this Warranty. The terms of this Warranty shall not be changed in any way, by any person or party. This Warranty guarantees you certain rights. Other rights may vary from state to state.

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